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Date: 17-21 June 2024; Location:Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center,Paris, France; Booth No: Hall 5B-A34

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SiC bulletproof ceramics

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Alumina bulletproof ceramics

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B4C bulletproof ceramics

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Alumina Bulletproof Ceramics

The alumina arc ceramic bulletproof sheet produced by Kingcera, has alumina content up to 99%, Rockwell hardness up to HRA88.

SiC Bulletproof Ceramics

Silicon carbide ceramics use its special physical properties, in the field of bulletproof shine, especially non-pressure sintered silicon carbide ceramics become a very popular bulletproof material.

B4C Bulletproof Ceramics

Alumina bulletproof armor is used for the protection of military equipment such as tanks, armored vehicles, combat aircraft, and can also be applied to personal protective equipment, such as shrapnel protective clothing.


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Kingcera is a production entity enterprise integrating scientific research, production and operation in China. Since 1993, Kingcera has been focusing on the technology development and application of industrial special ceramics, specializing in the production of bullet-proof ceramics for human protection and armored vehicle protection, and has rich experience in wear-resistant ceramic lining, wear-resistant ceramic pipes, structural ceramics and various wear-resistant ceramic lining equipment. With advanced production equipment, rich production experience, perfect quality assurance system, Kingcera has become an advanced special ceramic industrialization production enterprise...


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