Kingcera attends the EUROSATORY Exhibition in Paris France

06-18-2024 KINGCERA

Kingcera attends the EUROSATORYExhibition in Paris France
From June 17th to June 21st, 2024, the globally acclaimed EUROSATORY 2024 was grandly held at the Villepina Exhibition Center in Paris, France. EUROSATORY2024 is the top six defense exhibitions in the world. Official data shows that this exhibition has over 2000 exhibitors from 62 countries around the world. 41 national exhibition groups. The exhibition area is 166000 square meters. Expected 62000 professional visitors from 150 countries.
Kingcera attends the EUROSATORYExhibition in Paris France
Hunan Kingcera Engineering Co., Ltd., as an old brand special ceramics manufacturer with more than 30-year history in China, has expanded its business in recent years and entered the bulletproof ceramics industry, receiving high attention from professional customers both domestically and internationally. We brought a full range of bulletproof ceramic products to Paris, France. These are alumina ceramics (K95E, K99), silicon carbide ceramics (SSIC), Silicon& Boron Carbide composite ceramics (SiB4C), and Boron Carbide Ceramics (B4C). We showed our Ceramic tiles,Monolithic ceramic plates and the big armor plate of a size 500*500*20mm. The successful development of large-sized ceramic plates fully reflects the scientific research and production strength of Kingcera.
Kingcera attends the EUROSATORYExhibition in Paris France
On the first day of the exhibition, a continuous stream of merchants came to Kingcera booth for exchange. There are individuals from the US Department of Defense, US Army, and French Army. Professional merchants from Chile, Czech Republic, Poland, South Korea, Romania, Ukraine, Germany, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates and other countries also came to the booth for exchange. Especially our alumina monolithic plate and large-size ceramic plate used for armor vehicle have been appreciated by foreign merchants. Our team menbers at the exhbition introduced our products to visitors, introduced the company's advantages.The guests expressed their hope to continue communication and strive for cooperation after the exhibition.
Kingcera attends the EUROSATORYExhibition in Paris France
Our team also visited other booths. We not only showcased our products at this exhibition. We also learned and gained important market information. In the future, we will continue to be committed to providing excellent product quality and excellent services, creating more value for our customers!
   Jack Huang
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