Alumina Bulletproof Ceramics

K95 alumina bulletproof ceramics

The alumina arc ceramic bulletproof sheet produced by Kingcera, has alumina content up to 99%, Rockwell hardness up to HRA88. Through the military unit shooting test, the bullet impact resistance is strong, the depression value is low, the absorption capacity is strong. The overall effect is good.

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Origin:Changsha China

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I. Sintering method

Alumina ceramics is a kind of common and widely used special ceramic materials. Sintering is an important process in the production of alumina ceramics. Sintering is the process of pressing the powder material through the mold, heating to a certain temperature, so that the fusion between the particles occurs, leading to the formation of a dense solid. K95 alumina ceramic is a kind of conventional bulletproof material, which is widely used in bulletproof inserts. When the alumina content is ≥95%, it is called K95 alumina ceramics.

II.Physical properties

K95 alumina ceramics have high hardness, high wear resistance, high melting point, high insulation and various chemical stability, and are widely used in aerospace, automotive energy, chemical and other fields. Because of its excellent mechanical properties, high hardness, strong wear resistance, good stability, strong toughness, and small thermal expansion coefficient, it has good energy absorption and small bullet holes. As a result, it is favored by military experts in various countries and is widely used.

III. KINGCERA brand K95 alumina ceramic bulletproof sheet index parameters:

Parameter Unit K95 Al₂O₃
Alumina content % ≥95
Bulk density g/cm³ ≥3.8
Rockwell hardness HRA ≥88
Compressive strength Mpa ≥1300
Bending strength Mpa ≥320
Fracture toughness KIC (Mpa.m1/2) ≥3.5
Thermal conductivity W/m.K 20
Thermal expansion coefficient m/m.K 7.2×10-6

V. Application

As the first generation of ceramics in the field of bulletproof, Alumina is not only the strongest and hardest of all oxides, but also has the advantages of good oxidation resistance and chemical inertness, as well as low cost and easy access. In addition, sintered products are widely used in all kinds of armored vehicles and military and police bulletproof clothing because of their smooth surface, stable size and low price.
Disadvantages: low bending strength and fracture toughness, low thermal shock resistance. In addition, the performance of alumina is unstable, mainly depending on the process parameters, impurity content, particle size and sintering temperature.

However, Kingcera brand alumina ceramics is sintered by high-quality alumina powder from Australia. The alumina powder will be converted into α-alumina at a high temperature of 1700℃, forming a special crystal structure. Not only the hardness exceeds RHA85, but also α-alumina has a high chemical stability, which can resist most acid and alkali corrosion and has strong high temperature resistance. Therefore, our powder sintering, grinding and granulation are all completed in the factory of Kingcera, which has a better shooting test parameter than that of other brands.

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